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Rotger Heilmeier
Jun 11, 2022
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Dear friends, welcome to my second Zoomless Constellation. It will take place on Monday June 20 1pm EDT (NYC), 6pm UK time, 7 pm CEST (Berlin). It is for free. What you would have to give is your time. A few of us will gather in person at the Tor in Glastonbury, UK, hopefully many more will join us by tuning in from the places where you all are then from around the world. One overarching intention of this Zoomless Constellation is, like it was in the last one, the question How can we help the world in times of climate change? Personally I think that both Covid and the Ukraine war have connections to that question. The last Zoomless Constellation also consisted in a space flight to search for answers, feel free to connect to planets where you may have been living in past lives, from which you could download answers that might help. I describe the answer I found for me and for this time below, as you could join me in the way to do it. It was found in a workshop on „Homeopathy – Power Animals, Sacred Stones, Medicine Plants, Systemic Constellation Work and Collective Homeopathy“. There is also a recording. If you like to join please write your name in this forum, just post a message saying „I´m in“ or something, and your name. So that others know you are coming. Of course you can come without putting down your name. I will also offer a (real) zoom gathering on Saturday June 25, 12pm EST (NYC), 5pm UK time, 6pm CET (Berlin) for people who would like to share personally anything they experienced. The zoom link for the Zoomless Constellation Debrief Gathering is: The Zoomless Constellation is connected with: The preparing workshops Torheiten — Jester Counseling ( As well as the Avalonian Healing Cycle | weltenwandler ( The workshops Let us dream up Avalon Anew Let us dream up Avalon anew on a sacred journey (online in English) | weltenwandler ( The Midsummer Night´s Dream in Glastonbury, UK Midsummer Night's Dream in Glastonbury (on-site in English) | weltenwandler ( The preparing workshop Homeopathy – Power Animals, Sacred Stones, Medicine Plants, Systemic Constellation Work and Collective Homeopathy – feel free to watch the recording password: Aurum
Rotger Heilmeier

Rotger Heilmeier

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